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  1. Can my trim be reused?

    Many of our customers have beautiful, older trim with lots of character.  We can install new energy efficient products and keep the authenticity of an older home and retain the trim—many times without disturbing it at all.  On the other hand, some customers want to change out their trim out.  Although typically not necessary, we can replace the interior casing/trim if requested. 

  2. The exterior of my home is stucco/brick/sided, etc. will it be damaged?

    We work on many, many homes and are able to accommodate any exterior.  On rare occasion, we need to remove siding to access the old windows.  Your Windows America representative can examine your home during our in-home consultation and explain exactly what is needed for a proper 

  3. My windows have rotten wood—can you help with that?

    We are able to repair or replace bad sills, brickmold or damaged frames.  Let us take a look first-hand and describe what work is needed.  We can help with that! 

  4. Do your prices include installation?

    Most all of our customer choose to have us install (measure, order, install and wrap).  This way you know the windows are the best quality, the installation is professional and all warranties are active! 

  5. What style of install can you do?

    We can do insert style (retro-fit) installations as well as full-frame (or new construction) style installs.  Depending on your home’s current construction, window style and what you prefer! 

  6. Do you install this time of year?

    Yes!  We install all year long, so call us when you are thinking about changing those windows and doors for a more energy efficient version! 

  7. What do typical Windows America customers save with their new windows?

    Each home will be different, and each homeowner’s usage of gas/electric will also vary, but after replacing the windows in a home, many of our customers save 30, 40 and even 50% on their utility usage! 

  8. Is Windows America a Better Business Bureau member?

    Windows America has been an accredited Better Business Bureau partner for years.  We are proud to carry an A+ rating. 

  9. Are you an Energy Star Partner?

    Windows America is proud to be an Energy Star Partner, so you know the products you purchase are certified to meet all the energy efficient guidelines for our climate.  Then you can rest assured, the way we professionally install your windows and doors, is the same way we would do it at our own homes…  So no more summer heat or Mr. Winter sneaking in! 

  10. Do you offer financing?

    We are able to offer some great options for financing.  Give us a call for more details! 

  11. Tax Credit Information and Documents

    When you are ready to do your taxes, click on this link to find the details you will need to get the tax credit! http://lindsaywindows.com/content/43/federal-tax-credit