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You'll love what you see!

Windows America proudy offers SunAir® Awnings, a leading national awning with over 30 years of experience.

Imagine getting more hours out of your day relaxing and sitting under the protection of a beautifully hand-crafted retractable awning.


  • The expertly measured, crafted and installed units are the perfect addition to any deck patio or yard area. In addition to blocking harmful sun rays, SunAir awnings lower summer temperatures by 15-20 degrees to allow full comfortable use of your outdoor living space.
  • For maximum ease, awnings may be motorized and controlled by the touch of a remote control button.
  • Motorized retractable awnings combine beauty with functionality. You control light and shade at the touch of a button. Cool any deck, patio, terrace or balcony on demand.       
  • With a motorized retractable awning you'll expand your outdoor living space and add value to your home without the problems and high cost of construction. Plus, your furniture and carpeting will be protected from fading on the inside. And because SOMFY electric motorsmake your awnings so easy to use, you'll use them more often, lowering indoor temperatures by as much as 20 degrees and reducing sunlight and glare by as much as 94%.
  • What's more, this unique product doesn't require unsightly poles that will obstruct your view. When sun shading is not required, your motorized awning can retract against the facade of your home, so it's out of the way when you want it to be, allowing light to enter the room as you choose on a cloudy day, or at dusk.
  • SOMFY's electric motors are fully contained within the roller tube of a retractable awning for a clean, concealed installation that blends right into the lines of your home. And they're sealed, too, so they require no maintenance for years of trouble-free service.